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Meet The Artist behind Statix

Pioneer Square,Seattle

Ten Hundred - Artist and Curator for STATIX, Pioneer Square, Seattle.

bringing more color to Seattle. 

We recently sat down with Ten Hundred, the owner and artist of Statix art gallery in Pioneer Square to learn about his process and to showcase his art and local gallery. His signature look is bright and super colorful, something he believes is needed more in Seattle and we couldn’t agree more. His gallery is full of his art pieces on T-shirts, hoodies and in various prints. It is a studio all about Seattle independent art and the many facets of it.

The style we chose to film him in is fast paced because of the energetic style of art he creates. Very vibrant and energetic compared to the more reflective art gallery feature for Foster/White.

Statix- Ten Hundred - YouTube - Element Creative-Seattle Art-08391.jpg


“My art is super colorful because Seattle needs more color”

- Ten Hundred


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