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Coastal Surf Boutique

Alki Beach, Seattle

A classic local surf boutique on the sandy shores of Alki beach in West Seattle.  

We had a blast working with the team at Coastal on this active lifestyle photoshoot project. We brought in a vintage car, showcased some of the local ice cream shops and even rode down the beach on some longboards, completing the summertime vibe. 

We really aimed to capture that California summertime vibe, while focusing on the fun and laughter of that lifestyle. 

Thank you again to Coastal Surf Boutique for collaborating with us on this project. Stay tuned for more projects with local Seattle companies to come!

Coastal Surf really encompasses the culture and community of the beach town lifestyle and we were excited to capture that during this project. 

For this project we brought in an awesome group of people and models to really capture the nostalgic feeling of summertime. We drank orange soda around the bonfire, laughed and had a whole lot of fun. Coastal Surf is located in the heart of Alki Beach in the hub of restaurants and ice cream shops, so we didn’t have to go far to really capture the lifestyle of this brand. They are central to the West Seattle culture and really cultivate local community through their company.