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Lexus NX F-sport Ad - Nelson Yong- Seattle Lifestlye Photography - CAPTUS-0199.jpg

Lexus NX F-Sport


Taking the Crossover sUV from city to scenery

The new Lexus NX F-Sport 2018 aims to combine all the luxury features of the classic Lexus with a sporty youthful build that makes for a fun driving experience.

We had the privilege of collaborating with Nelson Yong and Lexus on this project. At first, when receiving the car, we didn’t expect the bright orange…(hehem..molten pearl) tone; but ended up using it to showcase strong contrasts and the more youthful feel of this model. 

Overall it was a great experience with Lexus in this exciting new hybrid crossover. 

Thank you to Drive Shop and again to Lexus USA and Nelson Yong for collaborating on this project. Stay tuned for more projects to come! 

Throughout the story we follow Nelson Yong from the city to the snowy peaks showcasing its versatility on all terrains. 

We had a blast starting at a penthouse suite in Bellevue. From there we travel along a journey of windy roads amongst the snow capped mountains. We weren’t sure what to expect when taking this new model in the snow, but it definitely did not disappoint! It is versatile and truly made for some fun adventure. It kept up well with the Subaru which we all know is no slouch.