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A Man About Style


Showcasing lifestyle and personality through style and taking you on a tailored journey.

A Man About Style is Richard Meharry’s online space where he connects, empowers and guides men through the process of styling. He believes that fashion and style are more than just the clothes you wear, it should be a representation of who you are, pulling inspiration from the books you read, the conversations you have and the life you live. 

It was great being able to play with some more edgy contrast on this shoot. He is always up to try new things and allow us to stretch our creativity as photographers which has been a blessing for us. 

On this project, we aimed to capture the dapperness and swag of Seattle gentlemen fashion. 

Thank you again to Richard Meharry for collaborating with us on this project. Stay tuned for more projects with local personal brands to come!

“Style is just an extension of your personality.”

Expanding on this idea, A.M.A.S is soon releasing a new book on the ins and outs of style for gentlemen and the average guy who needs some help presenting themselves in an accurate light. In a way that expresses who they are. 

We had the honor of meeting Richard last year and since have worked together on a few fun fashion projects. One thing that really stood out among Richard, especially in the fashion and lifestyle world, is his genuine heart to help support other people. He is a true connector and is a relationship and community builder just by being who he is.