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Luna Sandals

Seattle, wA

The original adventure sandals.
a community driven culture of locally made and handcrafted sandals. 

Our opportunity to work with Luna Sandals on a lifestyle shoot was an adventure. The project was set against the epic backdrop of Deception Pass, which has always been one of our favorite locations just to visit! We had a lot of fun putting together a camping, outdoorsy theme, displaying the versatility of the sandals. 

Meeting the team and being able to connect with businesses right here in our hometown was great. We love to be apart of building community and cultivating face to face commerce. We have a heart for seeing these companies do well and are happy to be apart of their journey.

Thank you again to Luna Sandals for collaborating with us on this project. Stay tuned for more projects with local Seattle companies to come! 

The first time we walked into the Luna factory, we knew we had stumbled across something really unique. They create all of their products right here in a city-loft style factory in the heart of Seattle, just blocks from the Space Needle. They believe in keeping things local and hand crafting each and every pair they make. So many companies outsource to other countries for cheaper labor but we really love the community they’ve fostered in the Seattle area even though their reach is global.

With this in mind, we wanted to stay true to the local flavor and capture the sandals in a rugged Puget Sound backdrop. These sandals were originally made from car tires and were designed to be used for running 50k ultra marathons; so there durability was something we wanted to be sure to showcase.