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The Café Edition


What We Photograph


What does it feel like? We want to capture the feeling and atmosphere that makes your cafe unique and communicate that visually. The decor, size of shop, location, and mood are all telling of the uniquely crafted feel of your cafe, and are in part its' brand.

The Purpose: You're potential clients can be sure that they will be right at home in your shop because it's precisely what they felt when they saw the photographs. Whether you're a busy, fast paced shop or a quiet, sit-and -stay type, we think communicating this matters. 

Questions to consider: Can I come and stay a while? Am I meant to pass by? Is this a place to sit and work, read, connect or disconnect?


Is your coffee a Work of Art or more or less a great tasting Cup of Joe?

No matter the style, you sell great coffee that your customers keep coming back for. Let us capture it in it's best light.

The Purpose: You've crafted it. Let's not hide it. Let us photograph the handmade quality coffee and other products you offer. With thousands of coffee shops and cafes around the Pacific Northwest, let us help showcase what sets yours apart. Whether you serve your customers in handmade vintage mugs, leave a picture perfect foam masterpiece atop each drink , or serve food and specialty deserts, we are excited to capture your specific brand of coffee in the most authentic way.  


What's your passion and vision? Why do you do what you do?

Let's get behind "The Why" and photograph the heart of your business.

The Purpose: You do more than just sell coffee and your customers buy much more than just food: they buy into your passion and mission. You are offering a feeling, and an experience  that your customers connect with. Our job is to bring that story and experience to life.

Questions to consider: What is the purpose of my business? Why did I start this business? What do I want my customers to feel or experience? (ie: Nostalgia, hustle bustle, relaxed, sophisticated, at home, etc.) 


What type of community are you building or supporting?

Maybe you serve the young, wild and free, or maybe the bustling entrepreneur. Your business has it's own culture. Let's show the community what it is. Together, let's show your ideal customer that they belong here. 

The Purpose: People want to connect. They want to belong. They want to be part of some kind of community. By showcasing your community and culture they know if your cafe is a place they can belong.

Questions to consider:

Who keeps coming back for your coffee?

Have you created a community of regulars or do you aim to serve the one off customer?





Café Package


The Café Package


4 Quarterly Sessions Per Year

Capture the Atmosphere, Product, Mission, & Community with this comprehensive package.

90-100 Photos Every Quarter.



How Does This Work?

This is a quarterly subscription package designed to keep you relevant and provide plenty of regular social media and website content.

  • Together we will design 4 photoshoots per year. Each quarter we will meet in person or over the phone and create a branded session to help communicate your cafe's Atmosphere, Product, Mission, and Community.
  • Use these images to help tell your story and strengthen your brand both on your website and any social media platform.
  • We are offering you 90-100 images from each quarterly session. Allowing for at least one professional image post or share each day to use on social platforms.
  • All images are delivered via digital download on a secure password protected page.

  • Examples of photos we aim to capture include: your space, your product, new or updated photographs of you and your staff, new seasonal features and other content you are looking to put out. 

Many businesses struggle to keep up with the demands of social media. Having relevant and professional content is a means to strengthening your cafe's brand and mission. 

Let us work with you to set you apart and tell your story through photography. We want to tell your story. We will focus on what you want to showcase about your business. This is the package perfectly fit for the cafe looking to consistently put out quality, professional content in the online world that will help establish and strengthen your brand.


Let Us Tell Your Visual Story

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