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What We Photograph


What does it feel like to be in your building?

Can I come and stay? Am I meant to pass by? Is this a place of work, a library?


Is your coffee a Work of Art or more or less a good Cup of Joe?

No matter the style you sell great coffee that your customers keep coming back for. Let us capture it.


What's your passion and statement? Why do you do what you do?

Let's get behind the why and photograph the heart of your business.


What type community are you building or supporting?

From Seattle Urban Hipsters to polished Eastsiders or those out hiking the Pacific Northwest mountain trails; who keeps coming back for your coffee?



4 Quarterly Sessions Per Year

Capture the Atmosphere, Product, Mission, & Community with this complete package.

90 Photos Every Quarter.

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What's it all about?

This quarterly subscription package is perfect for growing artists looking to have a strong brand. We work with you to create a branded and professional portfolio of images to help set you apart on social media platforms. We create a series of images to post on social media, to update your website and promotional materials.

We want to tell your story. Every month we focus on what you want to showcase about your business. We typically begin with photos of your space, your staff or product shots. Every quarter we would take new and updated photographs of you and your staff, new features, products, or content you are looking to put out during that season. This package is perfect for the small cafe looking to consistently put out quality, professional content in the online world.


Let Us Tell Your Visual Story