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SIBO Storyboard




The project entails a four part video concept featuring an at home SIBO test kit provided by the client beforehand. The aim of each video is to best clarify how to self perform the test at home as well as communicate beforehand and afterward instructions for completing the test.


Preparing for Your Breath Test (1 Min)

  1. Introduction: (Actor may be preparing for test in their home or B-Roll around a house and/or slides)
    - What is the SIBO Test? Brief understanding and purpose in laymen's terms.
    - Expectations: Test Duration, 3 steps (Night before, Test, Packaging)
    - Precautions: "Please watch the video all the way through and follow instruction carefully to avoid inconclusive results."

  2. Food Preparation (Night Before): (Narration, B-roll of flat-lays (Top down shot)/ stop-motion/ food-pans) 
    - *WARNING "Failure to adhere to diet will prove test inconclusive"
    - Dinner  "This meal may consist of only the following: Chicken, Turkey, Fish..." 
    - Overnight Fast "After this meal, be sure to not eat until after the test"
  3. Day Of Test (Shot of waking up, drinking coffee, getting a book)
    - "It is best to plan to take your test when you first wake up in the morning after an overnight fast." 
    - "The test is three hours long. You should make sure you are comfortable and not distracted during the test.  This is a good time to read a book or watch a movie.  Avoid the following activities while performing the test:
    - No smoking (including exposure to second-hand smoke), No sleeping, No exercising

What is in the Breath Test Kit? (45 Sec)


  1. Each at-home breath test kit contains the following components (Flat-lay (Top down shot), one item at a time, stop-motion)
    - Instructions detailing how to perform the test
    - A pre-paid return shipping label
    - A laboratory requisition, which may or may not have been completed by your provider
    - An authorization and release form
    - 1 Easy-sampler breath collector
    - 1 packet of lactulose substrate
    - 10 glass collection tubes (Film labels being place?)
    - 10 collection tube labels
    - 2 plastic bubble wrap bags

  2. Lab Requisitions (Actor looking at and filling out paperwork)
    - Make sure that all sections of the laboratory requisition are completed with your current mailing address and contact information and that all insurance information is complete and accurate.  If you have selected the “Self-Pay” option on the lab requisition, no insurance information is required.  Also, make sure that you have signed the authorization and release form"

Performing the At-Home Breath Test (1 Min, 30 Sec)


  1. Precaution (Narration, actor prepping)
    "It is important not eat or drink anything during the test." (Actor Says)


  2. Preparing Solutions (Close up of solutions being prepared)
    First, mix the lactulose solution in 8-10 ounces of water and mix until it completely dissolves.  Set it aside, and do not drink the solution yet.

  3. Collect your baseline breath sample (Actor collects sample in steps 1-4 below, multiple camera angles, wide shots, close ups etc.)
  4. Step 1: Hold the EasySampler breath collector in one hand and a breath collection tube in the other.
    - Do not take a deep breath as this can invalidate the sample.  Inhale and exhale normally during the breath collection. Inhale normally, close your mouth around the mouthpiece, then exhale normally for two seconds.
  5. Step 2: As you exhale, the bag inflates. 
    - Note that the bag has a small hole, which is intentional, and allows air from your lungs to continue to pass into the bag.
    - As you exhale, push the septum of the collection tube into the needle holder completely to pierce the septum and hold for two seconds.
  6. Step 3: Continue to exhale into the collection tube for two seconds, then remove the collection tube and set it aside.
  7. Step 4: Complete the collection tube label by listing your name, the sample number, date and time.
    Affix the label to the collection tube.

Returning Your Test Kit (45 Seconds)

(A mixture of flat-lays, closeups, and wide shots of Actor packaging and mailing test kit)

  1. After you have completed the test, place five labeled collection tubes into each of the two supplied, plastic bubble wrap bags and close the lip of the bag snuggly over the tubes so they do not move.  This will help ensure that they do not break during shipping back to our lab.

  2. Make sure that the laboratory requisition and the authorization and release form are completed and return your kit with all provided components.

  3. Close the lid of the box that the kit arrived in and affix the return shipping label in such a way that it seals the box. 
  4. Place the kit in your mailbox, any US Postal Service mail receptacle, or return it through your local post office. Shipping is pre-paid.