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We are a Seattle based commercial photography and video team specializing in creative cinematic storytelling. We work with innovative companies and people to visually communicate their brands, products, services, and stories. 

Thien Lai


With over a dozen photographers in Thien's family history, falling in love with cameras came naturally. Thien has a decade of professional experience working as a photographer in Canada, Houston TX and currently in Seattle. From witnessing the unique lifestyles of people in his travels, portrait photography became the storytelling medium of choice. Alongside a team of creative professionals, Thien currently works as the visionary creative director and one of the lead photographers.

Justin Clark


Beginning his career in landscape photography, Justin has quickly shifted into portrait and creative work. From photographing artists and creatives in Los Angeles to families and weddings in Seattle, he has found his passion in portrait photography, where he can connect with people and tell their stories. Justin is a recent addition to the Captus team. He manages Captus' social media and website and works as one of the lead photographers.

Jordan Lai


Jordan is the lead editor and Co-founder of Captus. She designed the creative process and post processing art direction of the photographs. Jordan enjoys design and has an eye for placement and color. She is experienced in editing many different styles of photography from weddings to landscapes. Together with her husband and partner Thien, they form the creative backbone that is Captus; constantly inspiring each other to expand the company in new and exciting directions.

Captus has nothing by my highest regards. Not only are they creative genius’, but incredibly courteous & easy to work with. But, best of all, the photos that Captus produces are nothing short of amazing.

— Amanda G

These guys are awesome! SO FUN to work with & produce incredible images! You can’t go wrong hiring Captus.

— Amanda H.

The people at Captus Photography are worth the 5-stars. I highly recommend them based solely on their quality of work, professionalism, and personalities. These guys made our day a thousand times better!

— Roman P.